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Out-of-School Time Programs

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Beacon of Hope's School-Age Care and Learning Program (SACLP) is a year-round, out-of-school time program, serving low-income, disproportionately at-risk students and their families, with the following outcomes: Goal (1) is to Improve Academic Achievement. This is done through opportunities for academic enrichment including reading literacy, homework assistance, tutorial services, and STEAM-based programming. The aim of these activities is to help students improve grades and meet/exceed state and district academic achievement standards in core academic subjects, such as reading, mathematics, and science. Specifically, this is an evidence-based, holistic, high quality instructional program; Goal (2) is to Improve Citizenship (behavior and community involvement). This is done by inspiring the will to learn and behave at school and in the community. Opportunities provided, research-proven to build character and personal responsibility are (a) physical activities that teach social values, (b) musical art activities (chorus, dance, and drama), and (c) health education (age-appropriate and responsible sex education, human relationships, and conduct). Specifically, opportunities are offered that ground, reinforce, and complement the traditional academic program; and Goal (3) is to Strengthen Families and Communities. This is done through opportunities for family engagement, such as, family literacy leadership, and employment activities. SACLP incorporates the newly released "Georgia Afterschool and Youth Development Quality Standards," including all 9 quality elements, to ensure program goals are achieved.

Programming for school-age students is available whenever schools are closed.

Caption: Peace march teaches children about history, civic engagement, and artistic expression through handmade signs.

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Georgia Early Learning and Development Quality Standards

Georgia Afterschool & Youth Development Quality Standards

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