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Beacon of Hope

Why two names?

Renaissance Learning Center (RLC)
is our flagship program and where currently most of our funds are used. However, we also have a community housing development program. With the help of the City of Atlanta, Office of Housing, we restore blighted community housing properties to safe and decent affordable housing. Low-income residents find shelter; and if needed, we place RLC families in available units. We provide family support to families in need with a variety of services. As we evolve, we strive to be consistently responsive to the needs of the communities and families we serve.

Impact Statement

Our name Beacon of Hope describes what is desperately needed in the communities we serve. Poverty, family dysfunction, lack of quality education, lack of safe and decent housing, welfare dependency, juvenile delinquency, substance abuse, and crime are conditions that span multiple generations. Yet for people caught up in these circumstances, encountering just a gleam of hope for a different kind of life can start a process that breaks the cycle and lead to a different future. Beacon of Hope serves every pocket of poverty in the City of Atlanta (including the Old Fourth Ward, Thomasville Heights, Vine City - Mechanicsville, Eastlake, and the Latino-American Buford Highway Communities). The core goal of our organization is to strengthen and transform troubled communities by lifting children and their families out of poverty. Such impact is accomplished by providing national and state accredited family education and empowerment programs, community development and affordable housing programs, and advocacy (civic engagement). Our year round programs include:

  Beacon of Hope's Renaissance Learning Center serves over 3000 "multi-cultural" children, youth, adults, families, and community in a state-of-the-art, national and state accredited environment. Serving approximately 75% African American, 20% Latino-American, and 5% other nationalities.

Accredited, accessible, and affordable "developmental" child care for ages 0-5 years old - ensuring that young children served are and remain developmentally on track in all developmental areas. 6% of these children are homeless and served through our collaboration with the Partnership against Domestic Violence.

Preparatory programs to ensure that 164 impoverished children successfully transition from Pre-K to kindergarten annually.

Implementation of academic and citizenship reinforcement that ensures promotion for grade-school students, over 100 served annually.

Teen mentoring and tutorials to encourage high school graduation and productive livelihoods thereafter; that reduces statistical occurrences typical of low-income households: unplanned parenting, drug addiction, and incarceration, over 100 teens and preteens served annually.

Entrepreneurial, vocational training and adult education to decrease the number of welfare recipients and increase income and economic development in distressed communities.

Designated by the City of Atlanta and the State of Georgia as the CHDO (Community Housing Development Organization) for the Old Fourth Ward Community: Active partnership with the City of Atlanta to redevelop the "notorious" Boulevard Corridor (Atlanta Magazine, April 2012) - reducing crime and providing safe, high-quality, low-income housing for local families - converting crack houses into affordable housing - click here for video clips of TV news coverage of this story -- (over 50 referrals to safe havens that include placement in our affordable housing units). 

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