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Accredited Quality Standards

Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards (GELDS) support the growth of the whole child, birth to five.

The purposes of the GELDS are to:

     - Guide teachers who work with children from birth through five in providing quality learning experiences;
     - Guide parents in supporting their children's growth, development, and learning potential;
     - Lay the groundwork for applying the standards in pre-service training, professional development, curriculum planning, and child outcome documentation;
     - Create a "Universal Language" for all stakeholders to use regarding the learning and development of children. Stakeholders would include parents, teachers, pediatricians, early interventionists, policy-makers, etc;
     - Raise public awareness about the significance of the early years as the foundation for school success and lifelong learning and the importance of the teacher's role in the process; and
     - Support the early identification and referral of children with special learning needs.

Georgia Afterschool & Youth Development Quality Standards (AYDQS)

Georgia's Afterschool and Youth Development Quality Standards are grounded in the widely held and well-established understanding that children, youth, and families benefit when programs increase their capacity to realize their mission by providing high quality programming. Most importantly, the ASYD Quality Standards are informed by research in a variety of disciplines including education, child development and psychology, organizational psychology, business management, and public health. The Standards were carefully crafted to ensure that each standard and the supporting indicators are evidence-based, reflect current best practice, and correlate with positive intermediary and long-term outcomes in youth.

The Nine Quality Elements:

     1. Programming & Youth Development
     2. Linkages with the School Day
     3. Environment & Climate
     4. Relationships
     5. Health & Well-Being
     6. Staffing & Professional Development
     7. Organizational Practices
     8. Evaluation & Outcomes
     9. Family & Community Partnerships

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Accredited Quality Standards

Georgia Early Learning and Development Quality Standards

Georgia Afterschool & Youth Development Quality Standards

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